Agenda IT, based in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, has launched Yellow Box WiFi, a unique new product, to solve the issue of having a beautiful view but suffering from less than impressive broadband speeds. Now you really can have the view and an online presence.

Rural businesses and homeowners across the UK have always struggled to get support from BT, to enable them to have a decent and robust internet connection, so they can manage their work or personal lives online. This also causes problems for people frequently visiting remote locations for work purposes.

This issue has led many villages to explore working with the likes of Gigaclear and other providers, to solve their internet problems. However, users are always in the hands of a third party and progress has been slow; with ‘go live’ promises being moved and costs being put up even before connections do go live.

There just hasn’t been an alternative to properly support people.

That is until now. Yellow Box WiFi was launched by Agenda IT, in May 2016. Owner, Mike Adams, is not only in IT but also trained at Harper Adams University and is a part-time sheep farmer. His mix of IT skills, farming knowhow and personal experiences with rural broadband problems, has lead him to solve this pressing issue.

Pictured are Mike Adams (sitting) and Jack Buchanan of Agenda IT.

Mike says “Farmers and rural based business need decent broadband to manage their businesses day to day. Many are struggling with speeds of less than 1MB, and connections that frequently drop in and out. It’s a real problem and there is very little, if anything, being done to help people in this position.”

“I have many farming friends who are struggling with the broadband on their farms, so I started looking into what options were out there to help them. There wasn’t really anything that didn’t involve engaging a third party provider and a long waiting time. So, I looked into how I could develop an ‘off the shelf’ solution to solve this issue.”

This was when Yellow Box WiFi was born. With Mike’s IT connections he has developed a plug in box to give users a robust WiFi network in seconds. The yellow boxes use high gain cellular antennas to pick up mobile 2, 3 and 4G signals. This is then converted into a WiFi network.

The boxes also have a GPS antenna, an Ethernet connection and can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. Plus, these boxes are portable. So if you need to take your WiFi network with you for business or pleasure, you can do. The boxes can be plugged into a 12-volt power source; like you have in your car, van or caravan.

Mike adds, “Our yellow boxes work a lot like a mobile phone set up; you buy the box up front and then pay a monthly fee for your chosen data allowance. If you don’t need it to be portable there is an option for no box which reduces the up-front cost. There are not many places in the UK and Europe, if any, where our boxes can’t pick up a great signal – and we’re open to a challenge, put us to the test!”

Mike and his team took Yellow Box WiFi to the Burghley Game and Country Fair over the May Bank Holiday. They were overwhelmed with the positive response they got. Enquiries have been pouring in from people wanting a yellow box in their Land Rovers for work, in their static caravans, on their farms and on their construction sites. The feedback they’ve received has been really encouraging and it certainly looks like Yellow Box WiFi has hit the spot for lots of people.

If you’d like to find out more about how this new product could work for you or your business, the team at Agenda IT will be showcasing Yellow Box WiFi at the Leicestershire County Show in Market Harborough on Saturday 27th August. Or you can visit their product website for more information;